Linking Alberta’s Tomorrow Project Data to Alberta Health Administrative Data

By: M Ye, P Robson, D Eurich, JA Johnson

With the rising prevalence of cancer and other chronic diseases, there is an increasing burden on healthcare systems in Canada. In partnership with Alberta’s Tomorrow Project, a large population-based cohort for studying cancer and other chronic diseases, Ming Ye, a current postdoctoral fellow in ACHORD, is conducting health services research studying relationships between healthcare utilization and chronic diseases by linking Alberta’s Tomorrow Project data with Alberta Health administrative databases. His project will identify factors in the healthcare system in Alberta that, interacting with disease risk factors, significantly predict risks and health outcomes of cancer and chronic diseases.

Findings of this study will help researchers and policy makers better understand the interactions between behaviors, lifestyle and environmental factors and how patterns of healthcare utilization impact the long-term health of Albertans. Such information will also be important for resource planning and for identifying more effective chronic disease prevention strategies in the future. In addition, linking the Alberta Health administrative data with the Alberta Tomorrow Project data will help to establish valuable research frameworks for testing or evaluating future population-level interventions.