The Alliance for Canadian Health Outcomes Research in Diabetes (ACHORD) is an emerging team in diabetes research, in Canada and internationally.


ACHORD Investigators include Dr. Jeffrey Johnson (Chair), Dr. William Ghali, Dr. Doreen Rabi, Dr. Sumit Majumdar, and Dr. Scot Simpson. The ACHORD Group is supported by research and administrative staff, and a number of research trainees.

While the core ACHORD investigators are academic-based investigators in Alberta, the broader circle of collaborators in the ACHORD Group is distinguished in that it is multidisciplinary (i.e. medicine, epidemiology, pharmacy, economics and health policy) and multi-sectorial (i.e. government and academia).

ACHORD Investigators and collaborators have been involved individually and in collaboration in various sectors of health research, namely the clinical, health services and population health sectors.

Our Vision

To develop and maintain a long-term, sustainable, multi-provincial research program covering the entire spectrum of diabetes management, which will be guided by the need for evidence-based health policy as it applies to this disease, with its very significant burden on individuals and society as a whole in Canada.

Our Goals

  • Establish a collaborative, multidisciplinary research consortium focusing on diabetes health outcomes
  • Establish and conduct a policy-relevant research agenda for diabetes health outcomes
  • Develop more comprehensive diabetes health outcomes research proposals and competitive funding applications
  • Development of research personnel in the form of graduate studentships and fellowships in diabetes health outcomes research
  • Enhance the level and scope of health services research for diabetes in Canada

What are Health Outcomes?

Health outcomes are changes in health as a result of the level of care received. Health outcomes can be evaluated across three dimensions: economic, clinical and humanistic.

Our Research

Our research projects are focused on diabetes and its comorbidities and complications, particularly cardiovascular and kidney diseases. Our research includes the following areas:

  1. Economic burden of diabetes and its comorbidities and complications
  2. Epidemiologic patterns of diabetes and its comorbidities and complications
  3. Health-related quality of life burden of diabetes and its comorbidities and complications
  4. Quality of care for people with diabetes

Our Location

The ACHORD Group is based at the University of Alberta, School of Public Health, Department of Public Health Sciences, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.