Thank you to everyone that attended and presented at the ACHORD Retreat 2017 in Edmonton March 2 & 3, 2017.  We will inform you when we decide when and where the ACHORD Retreat 2018 will be held.

Please join us in welcoming Hilary Short, Research Coordinator with the APERSU/EMPATHY Project and Meghan Ingstrup, Research Assistant with ACHORD.  We are happy to have you both on our team!

Click here to read article in the latest AIHS e-newsletter on Dean Eurich and OKAKI's project Reorganizing the Approach to Diabetes through the Application of Registries (RADAR).

Congratulations to Travis Featherstone on successfully completing his Master of Science oral exam.  Great work Travis!

Congratulations to Candace Necyk on being awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Doctoral Scholarship at the University of Alberta.  Awesome news!

Congratulations to T. Ben Dubois on receiving an ADI Studentship (sponsored by ivari)!  Great work Ben!

Congratulations to Dean Eurich on his promotion to full Professor on July 1, 2016.  Quite an achievement, great work Professor Eurich!

Congratulations to Chris Chen on successfully completing his Masters Oral Exam.  Great work Chris!

Congratulations to Danielle Thiel on successfully completing her MSc final exam.  Fantastic work Danielle!

Congratulations to Dean Eurich, Jeff Johnson and Me2 Majumdar on their successful application to the CIHR eHIPP competition. The grant will fund further research on Dean's RADAR study which is also funded by The Lawson Foundation.  AIHS also contributed a portion of matching funds. For more on the eHIPP program, please click here.

Congratulations to Jessica Beatty who successfully completed her Master of Science oral exam.  Good work Jessica!

Dr. Dean Eurich is currently looking to recruit a Post Doctoral Fellow. Click here for more information on the position and how to apply.

Congratulations to Steve Johnson on receiving two MarCom Awards, click here for information on the project, click here for more on the one award, click here for information of the second award.

Congratulations to Hayford Avedzi on successfully completing his PhD Candidacy Exam.  Good job Hayford!

Congratulations to Dr. Dean Eurich who is this year's recipient of the Instructor of the Year - Large Class Award.  Dean received this as a result of popular vote from his students in SPH 693.  Great job Dean!

Congratulations to Ahmed Abdelmoneim on successfully defending his PhD thesis.  Great work Ahmed!

Click here to read more on pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance study.

Congratulations to Jenelle Pederson who successfully obtained her MSc in Medicine.  Great work Jenelle!

Congratulations to Chris Chen on receiving a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship. Way to go Chris!

Congratulations to Karly Achtymichuk on successfully completing her Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology oral exam. Great work Karly!

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