Doreen Rabi, MD, FRCPC, MSc


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Dr. Doreen Rabi is a clinical endocrinologist and new faculty member at the University of Calgary.  Doreen is building an independent research program in Calgary.  Her research interests revolve around the themes of sex and gender, diabetes, cardiovascular outcomes and health services research.

Having completed her medical and specialty training in Ontario, Doreen came to Calgary in 2003 to complete an MSc in clinical epidemiology under the supervision of ACHORD investigator Dr. Bill Ghali.  Doreen received an Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Clinical Fellowship to support her graduate training.  Her MSc thesis involved a series of projects examining the effect of income on access to diabetes care, clinical profiles at the time of referral to diabetes specialty care, and burden of coronary atherosclerosis.

As a trainee in clinical research, Doreen became involved with both ACHORD and the Gender and Sex Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease (GENESIS) Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement Team.  As a research fellow, Dr. Ghali, ACHORD and GENESIS provided Doreen with exceptional mentorship and as she transitioned to a junior investigator, these networks provided unique opportunities for collaboration.

Shortly after being appointed to assistant professor in March of 2007, Doreen was awarded her first operating funds grant from CIHR.  This success is shared with Doreen’s co-investigators from ACHORD (Drs. Jeff Johnson, Bill Ghali and Scot Simpson) and GENESIS (Drs. Louise Pilote and Kaberi Dasgupta).  The project, entitled “From Adherence to Outcomes:  A study of sex differences in the use and impact of cardioprotective medications in diabetes”, examines whether sex differences in use or adherence of cardioprotective medications accounts for any of the observed sex differences in cardiovascular outcomes documented in those with diabetes. This project uses Saskatchewan Health data, a rich data source that uses a number of linkable data files that include information on resident demographics, outpatient physician billing claims, hospital admission and discharge records, pharmacare data and vital statistics.

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