Diane Aubin, PhD

Diane Aubin

Senior Research Administrator

Dr. Diane Aubin has joined us in the ACHORD offices, as the new Associate Director for the Career Development in Methods and Health Services Research Platform of the Alberta "Strategies for Patient Oriented Research" (SPOR) SUPPORT unit http://www.aihealthsolutions.ca/initiatives-partnerships/spor/ at the University of Alberta. She will be working with Dr. Dean Eurich, who is the Joint Platform Lead with Dr. Marilynne Hebert of the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. Diane recently completed a PhD in Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta, with a grounded theory study on the psychology of shame and its impact on health professionals when they make mistakes. She worked at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) while she completed her studies, and continues to have a research interest in the area of patient safety, and more specifically on mental health of our healthcare workers. Diane has two daughters whom she visits often in Ottawa (her home town) and Waterloo.

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